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This User Guide is an HTML document designed for easy browser-based viewing. While basic usage of the Guide is straightforward and intuitive, the information in the following sections will enable you to use the Guide most effectively and to take the greatest advantage of its helpful features:

Supported Browsers

Because this Guide utilizes JavaScript for some features, appearance and performance may be compromised on browsers with non-standard JavaScript implementations. To ensure correct display and operation of this Guide, please use one of the following tested browsers:

Note: Google Chrome blocks certain cross-domain JavaScript calls when an HTML document is accessed from a local drive rather than online.

Allow Blocked Content

If you are using this Guide with the Internet Explorer browser and the files for the Guide reside on a local drive then depending on your Internet Explorer security settings a security warning may be displayed in a yellow security alert frame (between the main content window and toolbar) when you open the Guide:

This alert is triggered because the Guide uses JavaScript to optimize presentation and enable certain features. To resolve the issue you should click in the security alert frame and choose Allow Blocked Content from the resulting drop-down menu.

Using the Search Feature

The built-in full-text search feature is a particularly effective way to quickly and easily find information about a specific topic covered in this Guide. Search is available by clicking on Search in the frame at the upper left of the browser window. When the search tab opens, click Search Tips for further information about how to search most effectively. Searches are case-insensitive and return only exact matches of user-entered strings. You can narrow results with a series of successive searches within returned results, and backtrack within that series if you realize that you are off-track.

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