Scenarist BD Comparison Chart

Features Scenarist BD Studio Workgroup Scenarist BD Professional Workgroup
Applications and Utilities
Sonic Scenarist® Designer PS
Sonic CineVision®
Sonic Scenarist BD
Sonic Scenarist QC
Menu Creation
Adobe® Photoshop® plug-in integration
Export layout metadata from Photoshop
Export optimized 8-bit and 32-bit menu graphics
Player buffer calculator
Player decoder speed calculator
Dither control
Global palette support
Video & Audio Encoding
AVC, VC-1, and MPEG-2 encoding
Blu-ray Disc and DVD-Video support
Encoding Presets for Blu-ray Disc & DVD-Video
One- and two-pass VBR encoding
One-pass CBR encoding
Batch encoding
DVO Brickwall filtering
DVO Grain, Aperture, Regrain, Alias, and Dust filtering  
Segment Encoding: Bit rate & maximum quantization
Parameter change log
Advanced Segment Encoding: Black level, pulse reduction and I-frame markers  
Multi-take segment auditioning  
ExpressQC™ segment marking  
DTS® Master Audio Suite  
Pop-up Menu Support
Fade In/Out effect
Wipe In/Out effect
Scroll In/Out effect
'Always on' pop-up menus
Out-of-mux pop-up menus
Animated buttons
Button effects
Button sounds
Independent In/Out effects
Unlimited number of menus per project
Picture-in-Picture Support
Secondary Video (PiP) support
Luma Key support
PiP configuration EDL support
Out-of-mux Picture-in-Picture support
Asynchronous Picture-in-Picture support
Blu-ray Disc Specification Support
First Play control (still image, animation, or video)
Video Support: AVC (H.264), VC-1, and MPEG-2
Presentation Graphic (subtitle) support
AACS (Copy Protection) Support
Managed Copy support
Seamless branching (multi-story)
Many-to-many Playlist/Clip support
Seamless Play-All playback
Unlimited User Operation control
PlayItem-level User Operation control
Slideshows with audio support
Unlimited NaviCommand programming
BDN subtitle script support
Customized Managed Copy support  
Text subtitle support  
Metadata creation  
BD-J support  
BD-J games support  
Third-party BD-J support  
BD-Live support  
BD-Live Virtual File System (VFS) management  
Stream Support
Movie objects
Audio streams
Presentation Graphics streams (subtitles)
Text subtitle streams
Video angles
Playitems per Playlist
Blu-ray 3D Support
3D Video Support: MVC (Multi-view Coding)  
Blu-ray 3D Clip and Playlist support  
Pop-up menus with 3D depth offset  
Blu-ray 3D subtitles with 3D depth offset (Sony BDN 1.0)  
3D BD-J support  
Blu-ray 3D emulation support (Scenarist QC)  
Workflow Features
Asset validation on import
Customized project templating
Project versioning support
Flexible asset relocation
Network support (import/mux to/from network)
Import chapters from Excel spreadsheet (XLS)
Partial multiplexing (mux modified elements only)
Navicommand import/export  
Project cloning  
BD+ content protection support  
Network distributed multiplexing  
Blu-ray Disc Emulation
Configurable BD-ROM emulation environment
Profile 1.0, 1.1, and 2.0 support
Emulate BD-ROM image from hard drive
Emulate from BD-R or BD-RE
Non-AACS disc image emulation
Parameter and event logging
Trace log data filtering
NaviCmd Breakpointing
BD-J debug support  
Output Support
Direct to Rimage BD Publisher
Dual Layer (BD-50) Support
Sony CMF  



Optional - Requires Picture-in-Picture option
** Optional - Requires StreamPack
*** Requires Blu-ray 3D option