BD Reauthor

BD Reauthor is a unique productivity solution that can open and edit unencrypted Blu-ray Disc titles using Sonic® Scenarist®. BD Reauthor turns any BD title, regardless of the authoring application used to created it, into a "living archive" that can be used to extract assets or as a project archive for further revision and re-publishing using Scenarist.

Import Any Unencrypted Blu-ray Disc into Sonic Scenarist
BD Reauthor can analyze and open any existing multiplexed (unencrypted) Blu-ray Disc title (HDMV or BD-J) to create a fully functional authoring project - complete with elementary assets - ready for further authoring work within Scenarist.

Unique Blu-ray Disc Enhancement Workflow
BD Reauthor makes it possible for professional Scenarist-powered facilities to quickly and easily take on work from partner companies - who have used lower-end tools to begin a project - and take the title to a whole new level using the production power of Sonic Scenarist.

Extract Video, Audio, Subtitles, BD-J Objects and Navi Commands for Reuse
BD Reauthor can extract assets from multiplexed titles, such as elementary Video, Audio, Subtitles, BD-J Objects and Navi Commands for reuse, saving time hunting around for any lost assets or authoring sequences.

Universal Authoring Support
BD Reauthor can open titles created by any existing Blu-ray Disc authoring application so it doesn't matter which BD authoring tool was used to create the original title.

Seamless Integration with Sonic Scenarist
The output from BD Reauthor can be opened immediately within Sonic Scenarist. BD Reauthor automatically creates all required project files and assets including Scenarist Designer compatible menu files and CSV chapter lists.

Integrated Verification and Auto-correction
BD Reauthor automatically checks imported titles for typical problems and spec incompatibilities and provides users with the opportunity to fix any problems automatically.

Convenient and Efficient Project Archiving
Storing archived projects requires a lot of disc space. Using BD Reauthor, projects can be archived on a conveniently playable BD-R and restored when required for additional development or re-purposing using Sonic Scenarist.

Blu-ray Disc Production Efficiency

Demultiplex Blu-ray Disc Titles and Enhance Using Scenarist
BD Reauthor enables Blu-ray Disc authors to demultiplex an entire (unencrypted) Blu-ray Disc title to create a fully functional Scenarist project ready for authoring. All in a single click!

Retrieve Specific Project Assets
Select and extract a single file or an entire project. BD Reauthor is fully configurable so you don't have to spend time extracting assets you don't need, perfect for retrieving specific assets when time is short.

Huge Time Savings
BD Reauthor saves days of authoring time that would have been spent re-authoring previous work that has been lost.

Seamless Integration with Scenarist

Instant Scenarist Project Generation and Integration
BD Reauthor automatically creates a compatible Scenarist BD project file that can be opened immediately and used for re-authoring or title enhancement, seamlessly integrating with every Scenarist system.

Scenarist Designer PS Support
Easily re-use menu assets from existing titles. BD Reauthor generates all the required Scenarist Designer assets and metadata required for importing into a new Scenarist project.

Automatic Scenarist Metadata Generation
BD Reauthor automatically generates the required metadata files for your installed version of Scenarist so you can import any extracted assets straight away.

Advanced Title Analysis

Title Structure Analysis
Save time using BD Reauthor's title structure window to find specific assets within seconds of loading a Blu-ray Disc Volume.

Menu Layout Preview
Preview menu button positioning by quickly exporting composites of menu page layouts.

Graphics Stream Analysis
Browse detailed information on any image and palette used by the title being analyzed.

Built-in Color Converter
Quickly convert Blu-ray Disc color values (YCrCb) to their RGB equivalent values.

Time Converter Utility
Easily convert time values between the three main Blu-ray Disc formats: timecode, frames, and presentation time stamp.

Audio File Analysis
View the properties of decompiled audio files, including sample rate, bit rate, and channel configuration.


Operating System Support

  • Windows® XP Professional, Service Pack 2 (32-bit)
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows Vista Home Premium to Ultimate (x32 only)

Scenarist BD Support

  • Scenarist® BD 4.5.2
  • Scenarist BD 5.0

Video Codec Support

  • AVC
  • VC-1
  • MPEG-2

Audio Codec Support

  • Linear PCM
  • Dolby® Digital
  • Dolby Digital Plus
  • Dolby TrueHD
  • DTS®
  • DTS-HD High Resolution
  • DTS-HD Master Audio

Subtitle Support

  • PES (Presentation Graphic Elementary Streams)
  • Presentation Graphic (BDN XML + PNG images)

Menu Support

  • IES (Interactive Graphic Elementary Streams)
  • Scenarist Designer

BD-J Support

  • BD-J Objects
  • Java archives
  • TTF fonts

Scenarist BD Project Creation

  • Scenarist BD project generation (XML)
  • Scenarist Designer menu export generation
  • Composite menu preview (PNG)
  • Chapter point file generation (CSV)
  • Automatic metadata generation (requires Scenarist BD MUI Generator)

Demultiplexing Options

  • Demultiplex single files and assets
  • Demultiplex entire Blu-ray Discs
  • Single multi-channel or multiple mono .wav audio files

Blu-ray Disc Compliancy Testing

  • Inter-PlayList frame rate continuity
  • Audio Mix Flag continuity
  • PlayItem/Clip timing information
  • Intra-Title Movie Object referencing

Disc Structure Analysis and Preview

  • Program Map: M2TS stream configuration, Primary video codec type, Secondary video codec type, Primary audio codec type, Secondary audio codec type, Audio stream sampling rate, Audio stream bit rate, and Audio stream channel configuration.
  • Clip Information: Clip application type, stream video format and frame rate.
  • PlayList: PlayItem structure and properties, SubPath structure and properties, PlayListMark structure and properties, and User Operation table.
  • Index Table: Title structure and properties and HDMV Title playback type.
  • Movie Objects: Navigation commands, Resume Intention flag, and Menu and Title call masks.
  • BD-J Objects: Default font filename, Menu and Title call masks, Playlist access, Language code, Organization ID, Application ID, and Key interest table.

System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Windows® XP Professional, Service Pack 2, 32-bit; Windows 2000; or Windows Vista
  • 1 x Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 (2.40GHz )
  • 2 GB of system memory (RAM)
  • NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT (512 MB)
  • .NET Framework 2.0
  • CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive
  • Monitor with minimum 1280x1024 screen resolution (1920x1200 recommended) and 32-bit color support
  • 100 GB of hard drive space for application files and Sonic Scenarist project files (the amount of hard drive space required for Sonic Scenarist project files will depend on the size of the Blu-ray Disc being processed).
  • USB port for security dongle
  • Sonic Scenarist BD (required to generate the metadata files needed for the Scenarist project generated by BD Reauthor).

BD Reauthor Datasheet   
BD Reauthor is a must-have utility that provides competitive advantage for any studio or professional BD authoring facility, speeding up title revisions and production at an unprecedented rate.

How long does it take to demultiplex a 50GB Blu-ray Disc?
BD Reauthor will take approximately two to three hours to demux and create the Scenarist project for a 50GB disc (assuming the recommended configuration is used).

Can I extract a single asset file or do I have to demultiplex the entire disc?
Yes, you can extract a single file. BD Reauthor allows you to select and extract specific streams, making it simple to target and extract specific files without having to demultiplex the entire disc.

How long does it take to extract a single asset like a menu graphic or audio file?
BD Reauthor can extract smaller assets like menu graphics in under one minute.

Will BD Reauthor work if my Blu-ray Disc wasn't created using Scenarist?
Yes. BD Reauthor can be used to create a Scenarist BD project from any unencrypted Blu-ray Disc regardless of the authoring tool used. The demultiplexing process even includes tests to ensure that all authoring is compliant, offering the option to correct any mistakes found when generating the Scenarist project.

Can BD Reauthor reverse engineer a title with AACS content protection?
No. BD Reauthor does not allow the illegal "ripping" of Blu-ray Disc titles that are protected by AACS content protection.

Can I use BD Reauthor with Blu-ray Discs that include BD-J?
Yes, BD Reauthor can be used to decompile any Blu-ray Disc, even if it contains BD-J. If you want to make changes to the BD-J content, you will need to decompile the files containing the code - the JAR files - first. Information and tools for decompiling JAR files are readily available online.

Do BD Reauthor's Blu-ray Disc compliancy checks ensure that my title will pass all other verification tests?
No, BD Reauthor shouldn't be used to replace your existing verification solution. BD Reauthor performs a limited number of tests to ensure that the authoring will satisfy Scenarist's strict requirements for Blu-ray Disc specification compliance. In order to investigate the compliance of a title more fully, a dedicated Blu-ray Disc verifier should be used.

What version of Scenarist BD does BD Reauthor support?
The current version of BD Reauthor supports Scenarist BD version 4.5.2 and version 5.0.

Does BD Reauthor support both Scenarist BD Studio and Scenarist BD Professional?
Yes, BD Reauthor allows you to select which level of Scenarist BD you want to create projects for. Question unanswered? Contact us now with your questions and we will be happy to help.

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